Braided Work

Custom Rawhide & Leather Braiding

     All my Braid-work is hand crafted to order, none is kept in stock.
This means that when you order my braided work it allows you to
add that personal touch that sets your piece apart from all the rest.
I specialize in custom work, with 45 years of experience in building
Custom Made Saddlery I feel I have the expertise to provide you
with the quality of work you desire.
     Keep in mind that each one of the Hand Braided Bridles, Quirt’s,
Bosals, Braided Reins or other pieces  you see here have been Hand
Made to someone’s individual needs. If you would like to have a style 
that you do not see here, describe it and I will braid it for you, just
give me a call!       
     All my braid work is done using the finest full grain Rawhide,
Alum tan latigo and Kangaroo leather available.
     Any questions you have regarding the purchase of my braided
work  or any thing to do with braided work  E-mail  me and I will
respond as soon as possible, usually within a few hours of your email,

     If you want to talk to me regarding my work or to place an order
Call Toll Free 1-877-723-3534

Lead Hackamore

I make this hackamore in Rawhide or Latigo, or in a
Rawhide and Latigo combination. The headstall goes
over the front to reduce bulk under the bridle, and the
throat-latch runs down under the jaw, to the lead shank.
I usually braid 8 or 12 thongs, over a 1/2 inch twisted
rawhide core, with a 32 strand nose button. The sides
are 5/8 inch thick, the nose button tapers from 1 1/8
inch in the center to 3/4 inch at the end.

Few horses will pull back on this type of hackamore.


Riding Hackamore

Headstall is 8 strand Black leather, with a 12  strand
3/4 inch Rawhide Bosal and a 5/8 mohair Mecate.

A good Hackamore, for general riding.


I use the finest of Rawhide and Latigo in making my Bosals and they are
all braided over a Twisted or Braided Rawhide core.  The nose button is
larger in the center and tapers toward the ends. A small knot just past
the nose button holds the headstall from sliding down the Bosal. The
heal knot is usually in a sequence of over 3 thongs and under 3 and
gives the Bosal balance.

The Bosal below has a 8 string braided rawhide core, the cover is 12
strand Kangaroo, the nose button and heel knot have a interweave of

Braided Bridle

This headstall is fully   adjustable, and  can be used on
any size horse. It is braided in black leather in six and
eight   strand,  over  a  nylon   core    and   has  a   brown
inter-weave  in  the  knots. The   reins  are  eight strand
with weighted knots to give  them  balance. The Romal
is  twelve  strand  with  eight  weighted  knots and has a
two  tone  braid  on  the popper. The knots on the end of
the braids are in the design of a Star.

Close up of bridle showing detail.

Braided Bridle and Romal Reins

Braided bridle in eight strand black
Leather. Headstall is fully adjustable.