English Saddle Repair

English Saddle Restoration

Any questions you have regarding the purchase of
my work E-mail me and I will respond as soon as
possible, usually within a few hours of your email

If you want to talk to me regarding my
 work or to place an order call
Toll Free 1-877-723-3534

Estimates are given before any work is done.
If you do not want the work done
you pay only the return postage.

Mail your saddle or tack for estimate to

Okanagan Saddlery
7979 Hogg Rd.
Vernon, B.C. Canada
V1B 3S2
Call Toll Free: 1-877-723-3534

Wrap the item with bubble wrap and box it securely.
Send it by UPS or FedEx
Be sure to insure it with the carrier.

Enclose With Parcel1 Your name
2 Your phone number
3 Snail mail address
4 E-mail address
5 Work requested
Keeping your tack in good repair will greatly improve your safety
as well as enhance your enjoyment and performance..
Correct Saddle Fit will improve both your own
and the horses enjoyment and performance.

Saddle Fitting Problems that require
the attention of a saddler are
1 Saddle sliding forward or backward
2 Pommel resting on the withers
3 Bridging of the panels on the back
4 Pressure points
5 Cantle too high or low
6 Pommel too high
7 Uneven settling of the flocking
Conditioning saddleFrom$  45.00
Re-stuffing ,                                  ( Fleece-filled )From$195.00
Re-stuffing ,                                  ( Foam-filled )From$275.00
Replacing billets                           Regular , ( in sets of three )From$  66.00
Replacing billets                            Dressage , (in sets of two  )From$  66.00
Adding knee pads ,From$250.00
Adding pencil roles ,                  Fleece stuffed saddlesFrom$375.00
Replacing seats ,From$500.00
Replacing hooks in reins or bridlesFrom$  12.00
Replacing elastic on girth ,  Double one endFrom$  36.00
Replacing elastic on girth ,         Triple one endFrom$  46.00
Schooling Chaps ,                             Split leather made to measure,From$225.00
Schooling Chaps,                    Smooth leather made to measure,From$335.00