Gun Leather

Custom Made Gun Belts

     All my work is hand crafted to order, this means that when you
order a Custom Made Gun Belt or Holster it allows me to add that
personal touch that sets your belt apart from all the rest. I specialize
in custom work, with 44 years of experience in building custom
saddlery I feel I have the expertise to provide you with the quality of
work you desire.
     All my Holster’s and Gun Belts are made of the finest full grain
bridle leather, using nylon stitching. I will use your choice of Nickel,
Brass, Stainless Steel or Silver Buckles.
     I make Custom Gun Rigs in all styles, Gun Belts for Cowboy Action Shooting, Gun Belts for hunting, Custom Holsters. Having a Custom
Made Leather Gun Belt insures you of an accurate fit and a distinctive
     Any questions you have regarding the purchase of my Gun Leather
or any thing to do with gun belts  E-mail  me and I will respond as soon
as possible, usually within a few hours of your email,

     If you want to talk to me regarding my work or to place an order
Call Toll Free 1-877-723-3534

Carved Gun Belt

I used 7 oz carving leather, with a 3 oz lining
for this gun belt, the holster is steel lined,
making for a very fast draw. The dark
background accentuates the floral carving, making for a outstanding example of fine craftsmanship, you can be proud to own.

Gun Belt

Made like the one above, but riding higher on
the hip. With full basket weave stamping, and
metal lining in holster. Good for fast draw competition shooting.


I made this Bandolier to fit 45  90 cartridges
with a matching holster for a 45 Ruger Vaquero.

Slim Jim Holsters

I made this belt to fit a matching pair
of 44 caliber Cap and Ball Pistols
made before serial numbers were used

John Wayne Style Holsters

Made for 45  Colt Single-Action,
with 5 1/2 inch barrel.

With matching Leather Cuffs

Cowboy Action Shooting
Made for 45 Colt Single-Action ,
with 5 1/2 barrel and two
32 cal hide-a-ways

Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holster made for
44 caliber Ruger handgun

Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holster made for
for heavy caliber handgun
with a scope.

Note the lased edge

Shoulder Holster
for Defender Shotgun

I use 8 oz bridle leather for this shoulder
holster, for a Defender Shotgun. The top
of holster is closed , and the but of the
shotgun rests in a pocket, just above your
right hand. Vary fast to draw, and easy to
carry, even with a back-pack.

Nothing better for prospectors
or Back-Packers.

I make custom holsters for all types of handguns.
Bring or send me a pattern of your handgun, and
I will make you a holster to surpass your highest

E-mail for pricing.